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Useful Information – HEY KIDS

Useful Information


Time to Listen - We specialise in working with children, young people and families, but also provide counselling for adults.
Accu-Chek - Diabetes Care for products and services.
FreeStyle Libre - FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system.
OmniPod - Insulin Management System.
Digibete - An Excellent Video Resource Website.
Coeliac UK - Living with other conditions
Coeliac UK - Join the local group for Coeliac UK.
Buzzy 4 Shots - Pain relief for kids that distracts nerves to reduce pain.
TickleFLEX - Insulin Injection Aid.
Student Help with Disability - Allowances for illness or disability.
Medtronic - CGM, Pumps and Ports.
My Genteel - The new lancing device that draws blood without pain using vacuum and depth control.


Department of Paediatrics - 01482 674222
Dr Mathew - via secretary - 01482 604338
Dr Gupta - via secretary - 01482 604338
Specialist Paediatric Dietitian - 01482 675786