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About us – HEY KIDS

About us

How Did We Start?

Following the closure of the Diabetes UK Support Group in this area, some of the parents involved in it realised that there was still a great need for someone to provide support for children diagnosed with Type One Diabetes and their Families in this area.

They set up this group to ensure that the excellent support everyone had received in the past would continue and that anyone who needed support would continue to have access to it.

Along the way, they realised it would also be a great opportunity to raise Public Awareness and help research in ways which had not previously been possible.

Our mission

We believe a diagnosis of Type One Diabetes, although life changing, doesn’t mean that you can’t live as full a life as any other person. It is our aim to help all children with Type One Diabetes and their families and friends achieve their goals and ambitions and live their life to the fullest.

We aim to make sure that, more and more, the public are made aware of this condition, what causes it, how it affects the life of those people diagnosed with it and dispel some of the myths that surround it.

We also aim, both financially and empirically to help research into improved treatments and even a cure for Type One Diabetes.