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HEY KIDS – Support For Families Effected By Diabetes Type

Support For Families Affected By Type 1 Diabetes

Due to the current circumstances support meetings and events are currently on hold.

If you need to speak to us or are a newly diagnosed family you can still contact us

Set up and run by Parents and Carers of children with Type 1 Diabetes, we hope to offer support, advice, and friendship to those affected. Whether your child is newly diagnosed or has had Diabetes for many years, the group has something for you. Come along to our next meeting and see how we can help.

Hear Our Stories

Read the stories of a few of our members experiences leading up to being diagnosed and how they manage it day to day.

About us

We believe a diagnosis of Type One Diabetes, although life changing, doesn’t mean that you can’t live as full a life as any other person.

It is our aim to help all children with Type One Diabetes and their families and friends achieve their goals and ambitions and live their life to the fullest.

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